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Course Content
  • All about Eyelash Regrowth
  • Benefits of Eyelash Regrowth
  • How does it work
  • Maintenance and Aftercare
  • Tools and Material Introduction
  • Eyelash Regrowth Technique
  • Self-experience of the treatment
  • Hand Safety
  • Frequently asked questions

1 day Eyelash Regrowth course

Korean Eyelash treatment certificate

1 day Korean BB Glow course & MTS

 Korean BB Glow treatment certificate


Course Objectives: To equip Learners with the necessary professional skills to confidently perform Water Shine Covered BB Glow micro pigmentation treatments & Micro needling for semi-permanent makeup foundation.


  • Hands on Practise on Live model
  • Practise on Mannequin
  • Materials provided for class
  • MTS in Skincare


Materials provided: 

- Korean MTS Machine

- KFDA approved Plant Based Organic Colour Pigments -1 box (Watershine BB)

- 1 box of MTS Nano needles

- Aftercare Masks, Numbing cream


U.K infection control for tattoo artists & beauticians certification online



Intensive Course 


  • Skin care fundamentals
  • Introduction to Korean Skincare
  • Cleansing technique: Deep cleansing
  • Massage: Skin Massage theory and practice
  • Practical Multi-Machine
  • Acne Care
  • VIVI peel
  • Aqua peel
  • LBK Oxygen Collagen Therapy
  • Pore management
  • HLP MTS treatment
  • Herbal Therapy Green Peeling
  • LED
  • Dermaplaning
  • High-frequency treatment
  • Cinderella treatment: Brightening / Elasticity and pigmentation control
  • LDM Skin Regeneration
  • Business skills: Customer management 
  • LBK Korean Luxury spa business

            6 Days Korean Skin Care course

             Professional KOREAN Skincare Diploma 

                        7 nights accommodation included

1 day Eyelash extensions course

        Korean Eyelash extensions certificate

INCLUDED:  7 Nights Accommodation Package


  • Classes in English ​

  • Interactive & Intensive​

  • Free bloodborne pathogens certificate​

  • ACTUAL MODEL Practice in a spa setting ​

  • FREE Airport Pick up ​

  • Lunch is provided during training days​

  • International certificate (ISO 9001, UK)​

  • Travel, Medical and Liability Insurance

  • New techniques will be added to the curriculum continuously

  • Korean Skincare Spa Set of Professional Products Included

Course Objective: To equip learners with a proper skills to confidently perform Eyelash Regrowth Treatment. It is the latest trending treatment for people who wants to grow natural looking lashes that are longer and thicker.
It uses a combination of Nano technology machine to stimulate and activate the roots of the eyelash hair follicles combining eyelash serum to activate the cells and provide nutrients. It improves the growth of the eyelashes so your eyelashes will become thicker, denser, darker and longer.






             Our premium professional course


  • Interactive & Intensive
  • Patented 142 Design, 142 858 Technique
  • ACTUAL MODEL Practice 
  • FREE Airport Pick up & LUNCH
  • Free bloodborne pathogens certificate
  • International certificate (ISO 9001, UK)
  • New techniques will be added to the curriculum continuously
This is a Complete Hands-on Training course for someone who needs more time & more practice and demonstrations



$3500 USD course fees​

$3999 USD with Kit



10 days course -  $3500 USD

No Kit Included

KOREAN BEAUTY FEDERATION ACCREDITED DIPLOMA                                            


1 day Lash Lifting certificate

Semi permanent lash lifting certificate

This procedure lifts your natural lashes at the root and in an upward position, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. To top off the treatment, a black lash tint can be applied to enhance the look.



  • Client Consultation
  • Contra-indications & Contra-actions
  • Patch Testing
  • Health & Safety
  • Distinguish Correct Sized Silicon
  • Shields to Suit Client
  • Transforming Lash Lift Procedure
  • Tips & Tricks of the Trade
  • Troubleshooting
  • Aftercare Advice
  • Demonstration
  • Practise on Rubber
  • Practise on live model



10 days ADVANCED Skincare & Treatment Diploma course (Medical Aesthetics)

                         Our premium professional course

Course content: Practical 60%, Theory 40%


1- Skincare Fundamentals ​

2- Deep Cleansing & Facial Cleansing Methods for Spa​

3- Skin Massage & Different Types of Massage Techniques​

4- Facial masks, Types of Masks & Methods ​

5- Pore Management & Acne Control ​

6- Sensitive Skin Management ​

7- Multi Skin Therapy Comprehensive Training For Skin Machine​

(Ultrasound / Radiofrequency/ Ionto / Ampoule spray / Skin scrub / Equipment)​

8- PEELING: Green Peel, Volcanic Bubble Peel, Vivi Peel​

9- High-Frequency Therapy ​

10- LED Therapy ​

11- HLP MTS Therapy ​

12- LDM Skin Regeneration - Local Dynamic Micro Ultrasound 

13- Aqua Peel sensitive skin peel

14- Dry Skin Therapy ​- LBK Oxygen Collagen Therapy

15- Diet & Nutrition for Skin Health​

16- LBK Korean Spa Business Skills 


​*Free BB Glow training 



10 days ADVANCED Semi Permanent Make up Diploma with Hairline






  • Select the right pigments to perfectly suit the customer
  • Master the color theory and face analysis
  • Choose the right eyebrow styles for the customer
  • Learn various eyebrow styles: microblading, shading, and our signature mix eyebrows
  • Learn about eyeliners, lip color
  • Practice on paper, rubber, and on mannequin
  • Practice on live models
  • Understand the process from receiving the customer until the end of the procedure
  • Prepare the workstation for safety and cleanliness.
  • Learn aftercare recommendations for each procedure


  1. Micro-pigmentation theory (Nano pigmentation)​

  2. What is the difference between micro-pigmentation, tattoo, and embroidery?​

  3. Eyebrow mapping & micro-pigmentation technique​

  4. Eyebrow design​

  5. Types of embroidery pigments​

  6. 6 different types of microblading ​

  7. Eyebrow embroidery techniques​

  8. Men’s eyebrow microblading​

  9. Combination brows​

  10. Hairline​

  11. Color correction of blue/green/red eyebrows​

  12. Retouch

$1600 USD​

With Kit included


U.K infection control for tattoo artists & beauticians certification online



$3990 USD (Including accommodation Package)

$3500 USD training and kit only
(without accommodation package) 




  1. Application of eyelash extensions​

  2. Removal of eyelash extensions​

  3. Client consultation​

  4. General shapes (Shapes for lashes such as beauty, sexy, cute, natural)​

  5. Maintenance of lash extensions​

  6. Treatment procedure​

  7. How to prepare your workspace​

  8. Common mistakes in eyelash extensions​

  9. Aftercare advice​

  10. Classic eyelash extensions​

  11. Korean style single lash by lash eyelash extensions (Technique used will not cause balding to your natural lashes)​

  12. Touch up eyelash extensions

$1200 USD 
Kit Included




$1400 USD​

with Kit included



To teach you how to become a professional aesthetician. You will be competent in all aspects of treating the skin with peels, multi-therapy, LED therapy, microcurrent treatments, caring for the client, business theory and ethics, as well as manual and machine facial techniques.


               Our premium professional course


  • Classes in English ​

  • Interactive & Intensive​

  • Free bloodborne pathogens certificate​

  • ACTUAL MODEL Practice in a spa setting ​

  • FREE Airport Pick up ​

  • Lunch is provided during training days​

  • International certificate (ISO 9001, UK)​

  • New techniques will be added to the curriculum continuously

Numerous positions are available for the professional aesthetician including Med Spas, resorts, local salons, as well as working with dermatologists and Plastic surgery clinics or other medical doctors.

$1800 USD​

With Kit included



Duration: 2 days which consists of 
  • Theory, styling, business building, manual practice, rubber practice, mannequin practice 
  • live Model practice 
  • live assessment

$1990 USD No Kit​

$2500 USD With Kit included



Korean Beauty School featured on BBC

AMOAESTHETICS                   MIKWANG 

  • Classes in English ​

  • Interactive & Intensive​​

  • ACTUAL MODEL Practice in a spa setting ​

  • FREE Airport Pick up ​

  • Lunch is provided during training days​

  • International certificate (ISO 9001, UK)​

  • New techniques will be added to the curriculum continuously


  1. Subjects including from the 2 days course​

  2. General health, safety & sanitation​

  3. Choose the right lash style to compliment each eye shape​

  4. Preparing the lashes for maximum retention​

  5. Taping & preparation techniques​

  6. Glues & sensitive clients​

  7. Bottom eyelashes and taping lower eyelashes​

  8. Eye shapes - rounded, wide, deep-set​

  9. Correct isolation & placement​

  10. Live models, habit breaking and correct tool control​

  11. Volume lashes (3D & 6D) application​

  12. The right way to refill​

  13. Educating your client on aftercare for eye health & maximize retention​

  14. Lash Mapping- from Lash Technician to Lash Artist!​

  15. Marketing your work​

  16. Banana peel method (without remover)​

  17. Advanced Korean Eyelash tips and techniques covered​

$3500 USD

with Kit included



5 days ADVANCED Eyelash Extensions with refill and removal techniques included

              Korean eyelash extensions Diploma



2 days Eyelash extensions course

  Korean eyelash extensions certificate




1. Eyes and eyelash Anatomy ​
2. Bonding Adhesive/Preparation/Safety​
3. Health and Safety ​
4. Record Keeping, Consultations &​
5. Allergy/Sensitivity to products and Importance of a Patch Test​
6. Correct cleaning methods of the eyelashes ​
7. How to create symmetry  ​
8. Humidity levels and how to lash under extreme conditions​
9. Advanced eye styling and mapping technique​
10. After Care and Maintenance​
11. Infills and Removal Procedure​
12. Marketing and business building ​
13. Manual Practice ​
14. Live practice ​

15. In-depth products knowledge ​

16. Types of Eyelash Extensions/correct lengths and thickness ​

            3 Days Scalp Care Trichology

             KOREAN Trichology Diploma                                    for Medical Professionals

Trichology is the science of Scalp & Hair, with the main focus on disease and hair loss. You will learn how to perform a trichology consultation. Identify and treat patients, as well as advise patients in helping to improve their hair and scalp problems.


Trichological Hair Loss, Hair Fiber & Hair Growth Disorders

Anatomy & Physiology of the Scalp and Hair

Male hair loss

Female hair loss

Learn Scalp Scaling - Korean Method

Korean hair growth Injectables

Diet and healthy lifestyle for hair loss treatment

Stress and hormones 


$4900 USD

Include a Starter kit with Korean hair growth injectable set