• Classes in English or Chinese (With a full time interpreter)
  • Interactive & Intensive​
  • ACTUAL MODEL Practice ​
  • Airport Pick up ​is Included
  • Lunch is provided during training days​
  • International certificate (ISO 9001, UK)​
  • Liability Insurance Is Provided for practise which is Mandatory
  • New techniques will be added to the curriculum continuously
  • Visa Support
$2500 USD
+10 tax 

2 Days Idol Face Massage (Bone Manipulation)

Korean Idol Small-Face Care integrates Osteopathic & Aesthetic Treatment methodologies to provide a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation.

Beyond achieving a desirable V-shape and facial slimming through non-invasive techniques, this specialized facial massage offers significant health benefits by optimizing blood circulation, resulting in a healthy complexion.

Idol Small Face Care employs a technique that involves stimulating the bones via muscle manipulation, colloquially known as the "bone setting" facial. By addressing facial asymmetry and promoting muscular balance, it contributes to a more harmonized facial profile.

Moreover, this treatment facilitates waste elimination, detoxification, and enhances nutrient delivery to the skin, thereby fostering long-term natural beauty.

Rooted in bone therapy principles, this method utilises distinctive bone massage techniques to realign the facial bone structure, counteracting shifts caused by factors such as aging, poor posture, and misuse. This approach is focusing on repetitive dynamic loads on bones to cause remodeling to adapt to stress.

Furthermore, the facial massage increases blood and oxygen circulation, thereby stimulating collagen production over time, resulting in a rejuvenated and youthful appearance.