Exosome Cell Therapy & Oriental Medicine

30% Theory - 70% Practical 

Learn how to strengthening scalp condition through effective hair follicle and root management


Course Modules:

Module 1: Client Consultation and Diagnostic Assessment:
- Importance of client consultation
- Evaluating scalp and hair condition
- Advanced consultations for hair loss
- Identifying less common hair loss problems and scalp disorders


Module 2: Anatomy and Physiology of Hair and Scalp:
- In-depth study of hair structure and function
- Understanding scalp anatomy and physiology
- Advanced scoping techniques for hair and scalp analysis
- Hair shaft and fiber problems


Module 3: Relaxing and Soothing Massage Techniques:
- Application of bubble spa for relaxation and cleansing
- Scalp massage to improve blood circulation using specialized devices


Module 4: KOREAN SCALP SCALING for Deep Cleansing and Moisturization:
- Techniques for deep cleansing and moisturizing the scalp
- Scaling using oxygen spray and specialized products
- Manual Scaling & removing dead skin for optimal scalp health


Module 5: Hair Growth Stimulation Therapies RF & MTS:
- Introduction to radiofrequency therapy for hair growth stimulation
- Application of hair growth ampoules with microneedle therapy system (MTS)
- Use of growth hormone and stem cell shampoo for root regeneration stimulation


Module 6: Exosomes Cell Therapy and Collagen LED Heat Treatment:
- Exosomes cell MTS therapy for hair rejuvenation
- Collagen LED heat treatment for scalp health and hair growth promotion

* Exosome In Scalp Care*
- Using latest Exosome ingredients to improve scalp keratin, elasticity, and hair tensile strength
- (MTS) Ensure optimal delivery of nutritional components to the scalp dermis

- Strengthens the scalp barrier through the synergy of Exosome and active ingredients
- Balances the scalp for optimal health and condition improvement


Module 7: Ion Therapy for Hair and Scalp Health:
- Replenishing missing elements for hair and scalp health using ion therapy
- Benefits of ion therapy in maintaining optimal scalp conditions


Module 8: Stimulating Hair Growth with Korean Traditional Medicine products:
- Application of medicated toner to stimulate hair growth
- Techniques for scalp massage to enhance the effectiveness of toner & fluids
- Scalp Cooling using Korean Traditional Medicine products for the Scalp


Module 9: Final Massage and Conclusion:

- Scalp Dryness Improvement
- Final step of massage to promote relaxation and scalp health
- Recapitulation of key concepts covered in the course


This course combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications to equip participants with advanced skills in hair and scalp treatment techniques.

Participants will leave with the expertise to address a wide range of scalp and hair concerns effectively.

  • Classes in English or Chinese (With a full time interpreter)
  • Interactive & Intensive​
  • Bloodborne pathogens certificate​
  • ACTUAL MODEL Practice in a spa setting ​
  • Airport Pick up ​is Included
  • Lunch is provided during training days​
  • International certificate (ISO 9001, UK)​
  • Liability Insurance Included which is mandatory for practise
  • New techniques will be added to the curriculum continuously
  • Visa Support
$4900 USD
+10 tax