HIFU seoul korea

           1 DAY Class High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)

(Non Invasive facelift)


- Increase Elastin & Production of Collagen
- Re-educate the Muscles
- Stimulate Skin Cells
- Rejuvenate Skin
- Improve, Firm & Tighten Muscles
- Eyelid Hood Reduction
- Nasolabial Fold Reduction
- Improve & Tighten Sagging Skin
- Cheek, Jowl & Neck Tightening
- Double Chin Reduction
- Eye Bag Reduction
- Fat Deposit Reduction
- Fine Lines & Wrinkle Reduction
- Body HIFU

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HiFu) stands as a forefront technology within non-surgical procedures. Through our intensive training program, you will acquire the expertise to leverage its capabilities effectively, thereby delivering remarkable outcomes for your clientele. 

Our comprehensive curriculum provides knowledge of HiFu technology, ranging from theoretical know-how to practical applications.

Korean HIFU-treatment training approach ensures that participants emerge with the confidence and competence required to administer superior treatments.

With hands-on learning and expert guidance from industry professionals, you’ll discover the full potential of HiFu for achieving remarkable facial rejuvenation and skin-tightening results. Additionally, you’ll unlock the secrets to body slimming and tightening, making you a sought-after specialist in the aesthetics field.

Course details:


- Health, Safety and Hygiene
- Anatomy and Physiology
- Introduction to HIFU Non-Surgical Treatment 
- Treatment Marking  
- What are the Benefits & Potential side effects 
- Suitability, Timings and Pricing
- Client Consultation Process and Procedure
- Treatment Protocols and Machine Set Up, Usage
- HIFU Non-Surgical Facial Therapy Step by Step - Procedure (Korean technique)
- HIFU Non-Surgical Facial Therapy Demonstration & Hands on Practice
- Aftercare




$1500 USD

+10% Tax