1 Day LBK Korean Face Massage

(Certificate course)

LBK Massage: Mastering Facial Massage Techniques

Participants will learn how to deliver effective and rejuvenating facial massages. This course covers everything from lymphatic massage to proper preparation and conclusion for a facial massage session.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Principles Behind Facial Massage
- Understand the underlying principles governing facial massage
- Explore the physiological effects of facial massage on the skin and muscles
- Learn how facial massage promotes relaxation and rejuvenation


Module 2: What Can Be Expected from Facial Massage
- Discover the benefits of facial massage for skin health and overall well-being
- Understand the expected outcomes of regular facial massage sessions
- Learn how facial massage can address common concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness


Module 3: Effective Directions and Pressure Levels
- Master the art of applying the right directions and pressure levels during facial massage
- Understand how to customize pressure to suit individual preferences and skin sensitivities
- Learn techniques for lifting and sculpting facial contours while promoting lymphatic drainage


Module 4: Various Facial Massage Techniques
- Understand the unique benefits of each technique and how to incorporate them into a massage routine
- Practice blending different techniques for comprehensive facial rejuvenation


Module 5: Lymphatic Massage
- Learn the importance of lymphatic drainage in facial massage
- Explore gentle, rhythmic movements that encourage the natural flow of lymphatic fluid
- Understand how lymphatic massage can detoxify the skin and reduce puffiness


Module 6: Massage Preparation and Conclusion for a Facial
- Discover the importance of proper preparation and conclusion for a facial massage session
- Learn how to prepare the skin for massage with cleansing and exfoliation
- Explore techniques for concluding a massage session to promote relaxation and enhance the benefits of the treatment

$1300 USD 

+10% Tax


  • Classes in English or Chinese (With a full time interpreter)
  • Interactive & Intensive​
  • Model Practice 
  • Lunch is provided 
  • International certificate (ISO 9001, UK)​
  • Liability Insurance Included which is mandatory for practise
  • New techniques will be added to the curriculum continuously

Effect: Anti-aging and wrinkle improvement, glowing skin, blood circulation

- Definition of LBK massage technique

- Purpose of LBK massage technique

- Effects of LBK massage technique

- Precautions when using massage technique

- Hand position and pressure for each area

- 32-step facial massage sequence

- 15-step neck & shoulder massage