2 Days LED Eyelash Extensions (UV Free)

PATENTED 15324 Technique Designed and invented by Academy Director Vivian


Discover the future of Eyelash Extensions with our time tested LED Eyelash Extensions course, featuring cutting-edge technology sourced from Japan & Korea.

Learn the essential techniques to seamlessly integrate LED Eyelash Extensions into your salon services, providing your clients with a premium experience free from fumes, irritation, and redness, while enhancing lash retention. Benefits include reduced procedure time for eyelash application and achieve a 20-30% higher lash retention with a higher profit margin.


Course Modules:

(Demonstration & Hands-On Model Practice)

1. Understanding LED Lash Extensions

2. Quick Start Guide: Learn to initiate LED lashing efficiently.

3. Terminology: Acquire thorough understanding in the terminology associated with LED lash extensions.

4. Client Communication Skills

5. Health & Safety Precautions: Identifying Contraindications for LED Eyelash Extensions

6. Liability Waiver Template: Utilize a comprehensive liability waiver for client agreements.

7. Retention Enhancement Techniques: Master techniques for prolonged lash retention.

8. LED Lash Light Setup and Operation.

9. Application of LED Adhesive: Understand the proper application of adhesive for optimal results.

10. Types of LED Eyelash adhesive and Specific Ingredients in LED Gel Glue

11. Application Techniques for Cyanoacrylate-free and MMA-free LED Gel Glue

12. Advantages and Benefits of LED Eyelash Extensions

13. Proper Techniques for Removing LED Eyelash Extensions

14. Aftercare Guidelines for Maintaining LED Eyelashes



2 Days LED Eye Lash Extension

Certification from S.Korea

$3350 USD

10% Tax

Include Kit and UV Free-LED Lamp (Korean Made)

* Utilization of UV-free LED Light System.

* Application of MMA-free LED lash adhesives:

- Ideal for clients prone to irritation or sensitivity from traditional eyelash adhesives.

- Suitable for clients who have experienced allergic reactions to conventional eyelash extensions